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About Us / Staff

The Perfect Sunset School was founded by Gustavo Merlino in Santa Teresa Beach in Puntarenas, who created the school to share his two strongest passion, surfing and Latin culture.

Gustavo (Director)

Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During his childhood and adolescence, he was very enthusiastic about sports and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the Latin culture. In 2001, he became internationally certified as a lifeguard and was a competing member of the national Argentinean high diving team. Gustavo completed his university studies at Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires graduating with honors and a degree in Tourism.

Gustavo is a very friendly guy and he can make your vacations unforgettable.

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His passion for surfing, Latin culture, and achieving harmony with nature and his surroundings eventually brought  him to Costa Rica in 2005. Since that time, has worked with various students from around the world—offering  assistance with surfing and Spanish language lessons. His knowledge and experience with teaching is not limited to just classroom lessons; rather, he has engaged in intense and various interaction with students from each of the seven continents in order to ensure that their time and experiences in Costa Rica are valuable and memorable.

In 2009, Gustavo opened The Perfect Sunset School—a place he established to be unique and unequivocal.

Here, not only will you find someone to guide you through your journey with the Spanish language, surfing, you’ll also find a friend and a gateway into the Latin culture as it was meant to be experienced.



Augusto (Co-Director, Substitute Spanish )


Augusto is from Argentina and his two greatest passions are sports and music, and that motivation make him take the decision to travel throught Latinoamerica to interact and meet different cultures.
In 2015 he graduated as National Professor of Physical Education and certify professional Diver in the PADI. His love for teaching and education makes him extremely sociable, tolerant and enthusiastic. Always ready to get you a smile and find the best ways for you to learn in an dynamic and professional manner.


Also he was a member of the gymnastic team in Argentina. He can teach you how to make a back flip or a hand stands for sure!

Like all great adventurers in late 2015 he began a tour through Latin America  which brought him to Costa Rica. Here he fell in love with the culture, surfing and of course found its way as a teacher. Since then Augusto has become an important part of our group of professionals. He is one of those that makes your stay at the school different and memorable.




Dania (Spanish Teacher)

Dania was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina. Since childhood he was interested in the social and cultural problems of the people. He studied political science at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires and worked as a volunteer in several NGOs as a teacher for adults.

Dania has the ability to teach young children and adults in an equally engaging manner.

She has been especially trained in designing and composing thematic study units that facilitate learning of the Spanish language. She can implement lesson plans in order to facilitate instruction in Spanish learning from early childhood to adult as she understand the functionality of language immersion in classrooms and how it effects students

she offer enthusiasm, commitment, and purpose. Particularly, she has a strong knowledge of:
• Planning programs of study that meets the individual requirements, interests, and abilities
• Using advanced and appropriate instructional methods and materials
• Creating a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning and suitable to the maturity and interests of students
• Maintaining discipline and classroom control
• Ensuring sufficient supervision to assure health, welfare, and safety of students
For more Information about The Perfect Sunset School, please e-mail us to:
General Information: info@perfectsunsetschool.com
Administration Area: administration@perfectsunsetschool.com