• Absolute immersion with local people
  • We are located at Playa Hermosa. Best beach break for beginner and intermediate surfers.
  • Between 2 and 4 hours Spanish lesson everyday from Monday to Thursday
  • No more than 4 students per class
  • Schedule can be arranged according to your needs
  • Books provided
  • You will never be alone here: everyday there is something planned if you want to do something
  • Students have between 18 and 75!

Interactive Method “You will speak Spanish from the first day”


BASIC SPANISH COURSE A1 _ 8 hours a week / 16 hours a week

This course aims to provide you with a grounding in the basic grammatical structures of Spanish. Though the emphasis is on speaking you will also learn grammatical structures and sentence patterns, which will form the basis for further progression in Spanish. You will learn to read basic messages, letters and texts, understand authentic dialogues and produce your own dialogues in group and / or work during the class.


  • Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (eg very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
  • Communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple direct exchange of information on family and routine matters.
  • Describe in simple terms aspects of his / her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.
  • If Spanish is new for you, the basic Spanish program will give you all that you need to love this language!
  • If you want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica try with us. We believe that you will not only learn the language in a classroom, Perfect Sunset School gives you the possibility of establishing relationships with native Spanish speakers.

We know that linguistic proficiency can only be achieved through absolute immersion and exposure to true cultural products. It is because of this that nothing would make it possible to have the opportunity to spend time in a foreign country, surrounded by an eager and friendly community. We also know this kind of experience will help people master to foreign language and will also expand their horizons, and enrich their lives.












School foundation and vision:

Our school, founded in 2009, offers a variety of Spanish language courses and levels adapted to your goals and needs. If you like to learn Spanish in a warm and informal atmosphere under the guidance of a professional and friendly team, then Perfect Sunset School will be the Spanish language school for you. In addition, we believe that you will not only learn the language in a classroom, Perfect Sunset School gives you the possibility of establishing relationships with native Spanish speakers.

Our innovative method of teaching includes 1 or 2 hours of grammar plus 1 or2 additional hours of practice for developing the skills taught each day (and from previous lessons) in class. By spending 2 or 4 hours a day with us for English, you will continually improve day after day. In addition, because of your learning is our priority, our classes are kept small to avoid unnecessary over-crowding and to maintain a high level of personal attention.

Our wide professional experience has enabled us to develop a teaching system that combines the communication process with structured grammar that is integrated in the communication itself. In our courses we have integrated: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral and written expression; and the three objectives: linguistic, communicative and sociocultural.

This method is organized throughout the six levels (Europe common framework of Reference for Languages), to allow you to learn and perfect all the skills of the language according to your requirements, in both practical and enjoyable. Through different types of activities you will acquire and perfect the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing Spanish fluently.

To learn a language means to live it and to do this one must immerse oneself in the culture. We offer our students the opportunity to be part of the local community and the possibility to interact with them.












Qualified and Enthusiastic teachers

Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their academic qualifications, experience and professionalism. All our teachers have graduated from university and they regularly participate in practical courses on the art of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and the latest teaching methods.

They have not only been chosen for their qualifications and experience, but also for their ability to work enthusiastically with students. Your teachers will help you establish some clear learning objectives and will encourage you to participate in Spanish from the very first day. Your classes will be stimulating.

The head of Studies and his team will assess and carefully guide your progress.

INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 _ 8 hours a week / 16 hours a week

It is designed for people who want to learn or perfect their language skills from Beginners to Advanced levels, while enjoying their free time.

Spanish programmes in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica combine a holiday abroad with 8 / 16 spanish lessons a week. You will learn all the basics of how to communicate with plenty of time left over for surfing , relaxing on the beach and exploring Costa Rica.

Our interactive methods of teaching and the teaching materials have been designed to satisfy communication needs from the simplest to the most complicated, making the development of both written and oral expression easy.

Grammatical concepts are assimilated in an easy and effective manner.

Our Spanish Course consists of 8 or 16 hours each week. Classes are small with 2-4 participants per group. The course duration is 1 to 16 weeks. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students. The Intensive Spanish Course has been designed to develop the student´s ability to effectively communicate in Spanish.

In our school you will learn Spanish with other students from all over the world. Group sizes are small and the teaching approach is student-centred.

Our aim is to ensure that students learn as much as possible in the time that is available to them, whilst at the same time have a thoroughly enjoyable experience that they will want to repeat!

Our Intensive Spanish Course (16 hours a week) use a modern communicative style to learning that encourages the use of a natural, contemporary Spanish. Over the years we have become experts in delivering high quality Spanish language courses for students of all ages and levels.

This course is based on everyday scenarios and experiences in order to develop your knowledge of day-to-day language and that of real-life encounters. All of our courses focus on the practical use of the language.

The lessons focus on improving the four essential skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Our classes place particular emphasis on speaking, as this is the key to communication. For maximum individual progress we have a maximum of 4 students per class.













A1 (BEGINNER) You have little or no knowledge of Spanish.

A2 (ELEMENTARY) You can communicate in basic situations using the present, past and future tenses, but with some errors. You can understand Spanish when someone speaks slowly

B1 (INTERMEDIATE) You feel secure speaking and writing in Spanish. You know quite a lot of vocabulary, but you need to practise and expand your grammar knowledge.

B2 (UPPER) You can communicate fluently and with confidence in a wide range of situations but need a deeper study of grammar structures and learn more specific vocabulary.

C1 (ADVANCED) and C2 (SUPERIOR) You should have an excellent level of Spanish and be able to communicate effectively as a native. You need to perfect the language to ensure its adequate cultural use by means of extensive study into the subtleties of the Spanish language.